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Information from Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent ICS:

What is the Health Passport?

The Staffordshire and Stoke–on-Trent NHS Health Passport is for anyone with a learning disability, learning difficulty or autism. It is an important document which tells NHS staff about a person’s needs such as,  medication,  personal details and how they like to communicate. A Health Passport should be taken to every healthcare appointment and can help a person get the best care.

Resources for people with a learning disability

As part of the Health Passport campaign, alongside the printed resources you will receive, there are also online copies. The resources include guidance for parents, carers, organisations, healthcare professionals and guidance for people with a learning disability.

Videos: Why is the health passport important? 

Watch the animation here to find out about the Health Passport, and hear from Lucy, a Learning Disability Nurse Specialist on why the Health Passport is important.

Easy Read Guide

The easy read guide is a document that will help you fill out your health passport. The example passport will give you an idea on what the passport should contain.

Resources for parents, carers and organisations

These resources include a guide for parents and carers on how to fill out the passport and what needs to be included. There are also some leaflets and posters for people with learning disabilities, and for parents, carers, and organisations. These social media resources will help you to share information on the new health passports.

Find out more about health passports here