Code of Conduct

Stoke-on-Trent Community Health Champions

Community Health Champions

The purpose of the Community Health Champion scheme is to help ensure that residents across Stoke-on-Trent hear correct and consistent information about the Covid-19 pandemic, and other health-related matters.

We recognise that there is often debate and sometimes disagreement, but our role is to tell people what the guidance and rules are so they can work out how to apply them to their everyday lives. 

Therefore, by signing up as a Community Health Champion, you are agreeing to the code of conduct, which requires that: 

Any information or advice you circulate comes from VAST, the City Council, NHS, Public Health England or other agreed partners. 

You do not make political statements in respect of the Covid-19 pandemic, or other health-related matters.

You do not debate the merits of the guidance or criticise the government, council or partners – if somebody is incorrect, simply signpost to the correct information. This is to ensure that key messages are not undermined. 

You do not apply your own interpretation of guidelines – if in doubt, ask for clarification.

The Community Health Champions Team are here to help and support you in your volunteering role.

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