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Friday 31st March is Trans Day of Visibility. TDOV takes place each year to celebrate trans and non-binary people and raise awareness of discrimination faced by trans people worldwide.

This years theme is ‘I am Enough’, highlighting the feeling that trans and non-binary people are often under pressure to be ‘more’ than they are. So on TVOD, and everyday, we say let’s be proud of who the trans community are, just as they are!

A range of local support is available:

Recognising the discrimination often faced by trans people in the asylum system, The Peter Tatchell Foundation have put together a range of information on support for LGBT+ refugees. This includes Rainbow Migration who provide emotional and practical support for LGBTQI+ people seeking asylum. As well as free and confidential legal advice for LGBTQI + people who want to live in the UK with their partners. They also offer training for charities and other organisations on best practice in handling LGBTQI+ asylum claims.

Lots of support is out there – for more visit LGBT Stoke.