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The Impact of Vaping | Resources for Young People

Are you aware of the impact of vaping on young people's health?

Designed for school sessions, these resources contain important messages and information about the impact of vaping on young people, society, and the environment.

Whilst the long-term impacts of vaping on health is not yet known – and they don’t contain the harmful toxic tar and carbon monoxide of cigarettes, the key message is that vapes can still have harmful effects.

Nicotine can increase stress and anxiety, potentially damaging chemicals are released into the lungs, and they can be addictive. This is especially concerning within young people whose lungs and brains have not fully developed yet.

Vapes can also have damaging effects to a person financially and effects the environment by often ending up in landfill.

To help share these concerns, a simple video has been created by Public Health England. Which you can watch here.

You can also find more resources here.