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The COVID-19 vaccine, periods and fertility | The Lowdown

Posted on behalf of The Lowdown

The Lowdown, in partnership with NHS England and NHS Improvement, sat down with Reproductive Immunologist Dr Viki Male, and Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Dr Fatima Husain, to discuss the latest research on the COVID-19 vaccine, fertility and periods.

Key messages include:

  • There’s no evidence that getting the COVID-19 vaccine impacts male or female fertility, or the ability to conceive.
  • Any changes to your menstrual cycle after the vaccine are temporary.
  • It is common for other external factors such as weight, exercise and stress to temporarily impact the menstrual cycle.
  • Any menstrual changes caused by the vaccine or other factors does not mean that your fertility is impacted in the long term.

This guide covers the latest evidence around the vaccine, including information on the main concerns of young women and people who menstruate and the effects of the vaccine on periods and fertility. The guide also discusses other external factors that can affect the menstrual cycle. You can also watch the webinar for more insight from Dr Viki and Dr Fatima.