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Stokie Street | 111

You don’t always need to go to A&E, for quick physical or mental health advice call 111.

This week on Stokie Street, John’s feeling poorly again but can’t get through to the GP, he’s worried he might need to visit A&E if he doesn’t improve soon. Katie reminds him to think NHS 111 first, for quick help and advice.

If you think you need urgent medical help or advice, 111 can assist and tell you what to do next, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They are there to make it easier and quicker to get advice, whether that’s for your physical or mental health. They can give you a quick over the phone or online assessment and direct you to the best place to get help.

If you need advice about symptoms or an injury, prescription information or mental health help. Depending on your needs they might advise you to:

  • Call 999 or go to A&E
  • Go to an urgent treatment centre
  • See an evening or weekend GP
  • Get a call back from a nurse
  • See a pharmacist
  • Look after yourself at home

111 can also help with dental problems, including advice about emergency dentists or finding a dentist. They can also assist with emergency prescriptions.

Ways to contact the service:

  • Call 111
  • Visit online (only available for the assessment of people aged 5+)
  • People with hearing problems can use text relay by texting 18001 111
  • A British Sign Language service is available at
  • Interpreters who can assist with other languages are available, just ask for one when you contact the service

Remember, When you think you need A&E, contact NHS 111 by phone or online, and if you need urgent care, they’ll book you in to be seen quickly and safely.

Please note, you are advised to call 111 and not use the online service if you need to:

  • Discuss complex medical problems
  • Discuss worries about a long-term condition
  • Get end-of-life care
  • Report child protection or vulnerable adult concerns