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Did you know that as part of their services, Staffordshire Sexual Health Charity offer free counselling?

SSHC (Staffordshire Sexual Health Charity) is a charity that looks at sexual health, HIV and the LGBTQ+ community. If you are someone with a sexually transmitted infection (STI), HIV diagnosis or are LGBTQ+ you are able to get free person-centred counselling from them. The counselling sessions run Mon-Fri and last 50 mins each week.

If you do not have a sexual health problem, HIV diagnosis or are LBTQ+ yourself, but find yourself affected by difficulties centred around these topics, you are still able to accessing their free counselling. For example, if your partner has an STI, you could receive counselling. Or if you are having trouble processing your child coming out as gay, you could access their counselling.

Trans Mentor Scheme

SSHC also runs a Trans Mentor Scheme which is “For trans people, by trans people”. This scheme allows trans people of any age to chat to a trans volunteer. The conversations could be by phone, email or in person. You can use the conversations to ask practical questions, such as “How do I change my name?” or “Where do I get a binder from?”. You can also use the chats to vent about trans difficulties or talk about emotional problems. If you are a parent or a friend of a trans person seeking advice or emotional help, you are also welcome to use the service. Find out more about these services here.