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Spotlight on: Human-Nature Escapes CIC

Conversation with Jake Cliffe, Founder & Director of Human-Nature Escapes CIC and Community Health Champion

Spotlight on: Human-Nature

Human-Nature Escapes connect people with nature and landscape as a means of ‘escape’. They inspire a sense of wellbeing, through face-to-face wellbeing activities and digital wellness resources, available on their website.

Nature Escapes

Human-Nature offer nature-based activities and digital resources to inspire wellbeing for the community, individuals, and businesses. Face-to-face activities include ‘Natter in Nature’ walks, mindful photography, poetry, and nature printing, amongst others.

Over the COVID-19 pandemic they have developed a new branch of the project with the creation of digital resources, using mindful photography, allowing you to escape to nature virtually. These ‘Virtual Nature Escapes’ are available in the form of free-to-read eBooks with therapeutic imagery and music. Anyone can submit their own photographs, which can be as simple as snaps taken on a mobile phone. This involvement provides a wellbeing escape for both those involved in the co-creation of the e-books, and those wanting to immerse themselves in nature online digitally, by reading the books.

Published eBooks include A Moment’s Notice, inspired by mindful moments in nature, Poetry in Motion, featuring poetry and photography, and Uplifting Angels, which was created to uplift key workers during the pandemic with landscape photography, and featured the hashtag #SnapForHeroes.

Over the last 6 years, Human-Nature have developed their unique ‘Nature’s Ways to Wellbeing’ model, seven simple ways to get out into nature, promoting self-care, positive mental health and environmental improvement. These encourage outdoor exercise, creativity, learning and mindfulness.

New for ’22: Fascinating Finds e-Book

A new co-created eBook project has just been launched named Fascinating Finds, inspired the wonders of nature that anyone can stumble across in the landscape. This will feature images of fossil’s, forest finds, fungi, fractals (patterns), formations and phenomena.

Get involved! Send photos of your finds on Twitter or Instagram by tagging @HNEscapesCIC and use the hashtag #FascinatingFinds.

More about the latest e-Book and how to get involved here


Download this PDF Poster  to access and share the eBook’s


With thanks to Jake Cliffe and Human-Nature Escapes CIC