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Scam Alert | Information for Council House Tenants

Posted on behalf of Stoke-on-Trent City Council

Trading Standards have been made aware of suspicious doorstep calls being made to some Stoke-on-Trent Council housing tenants. The individuals offer to do property repairs on ‘behalf’ of the council or in ‘conjunction’ with the council. The callers have reportedly claimed that they are offering to carry out any required or outstanding repairs that the council has been unable to do.

The callers have asked residents for details of any repairs required and they advised that they can make a claim for the work needed and for compensation.

We would urge residents who receive any unsolicited cold calls similar to this to act with caution, these companies are not acting on behalf of or in conjunction with Stoke-on-Trent City Council.

Never feel intimidated into providing information the caller asks for and always be careful not to provide any personal details to someone who has contacted you out of the blue.

If you do have doubts about a doorstep call you receive, then do not be afraid to end the conversation by closing your door.


Protect yourself against doorstep callers.

Check the caller’s credentials

You should always check a caller’s credentials. Genuine officials will always carry identification and be happy to let you check it.

Call the police

Finally, remember that you can dial 999 if you’re suspicious or the caller won’t leave. Call the police non-emergency number 101 if you’re not in immediate danger but want to report an incident.

If you have recently been targeted by bogus callers, please contact Trading Standards on 01782 232065.