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Q&A Drop in Session | Stoke Lung Health Checks

With thanks to Jessica Mulroy Johnson (UHNM), Communications and Engagement

Our Q&A drop in session on the 25 March featured a presentation and Q&A by Jessica Mulroy Johnson, Communication and Engagements for Stoke Lung Health Checks.

“Even if your lungs feel fine it’s best to get them checked out”

Stoke Lung Health Checks 

Stoke lung health checks is a targeted lung health campaign aimed at diagnosing lung conditions, including cancer, at an earlier stage when treatment can be simpler and more successful. The majority of lung cancers diagnosed in the UK are stage 3 or 4.

To date, the campaign has diagnosed 52 cancers, and the majority have been diagnosed early stage (stage 1 or 2).

Who is eligible?

People aged 55-74 who smoke or have ever smoked are invited to attend a telephone lung health check with as specialist respiratory nurse. Invites are sent to all eligible patients registered with a GP.

However, you do not need to wait for an invite, if you meet the eligibility criteria you can contact the service to request an appointment. If you identify someone as eligible please pass on information about the service.

What to expect?

During the appointment a risk score is calculated, if this is above a certain score the participant will be referred for a low dose chest CT.


Find out more about the service or request an appointment at www.uhnm.TLC

Or call 01782 671554

Further information

The service is non-judgemental regarding smoking, though you can be referred to stop smoking online services if you request this.

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