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Pregnant women asked to book Covid-19 vaccination via their GP

a pregnant woman

From Together We’re Better: Stoke-on-Trent Covid-19 Vaccination Programme Bulletin, 14th May 2021:

Pregnant women are being advised to book Covid-19 vaccinations through their GP rather than use the National Booking Service.

Current guidance is that pregnant women should be given the COVID-19 vaccine at the same time as others in their age group. However, if they have an at risk medical condition, or have high risk factors in pregnancy – such as high BMI or gestational diabetes – they will be invited for their vaccine now.

Being pregnant should not be a reason for caution or hesitancy in being vaccinated, as the vaccines have been tested and are safe.

The preferred vaccines for pregnant women are Pfizer or Moderna, but if a pregnant woman has already had the AZ vaccine for their first dose without any problems they should continue to complete their vaccination course with the AZ vaccine.

For most patients booking a vaccination no longer requires a direct clinical conversation with their GP; they can arrange an appointment by calling reception at their GP surgery and telling them they are eligible for vaccination but pregnant.

Across the system we are continuing to work within the guidelines and with available vaccine supplies to ensure everyone has the right vaccine for them.