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This month, NHS England and NHS Improvement (NSHEI) is launching the next phase of this year’s ‘Help Us, Help You’ NHS 111 campaign which will focus on the NHS 111 online. The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to use NHS 111 online first when they have an urgent but not life-threatening medical need, rather than going straight to A&E/Emergency Departments.

The activity will also seek to increase awareness and understanding that NHS 111 online makes it easier for patients to get the treatment they need in the right place. NHS 111 online can also direct patients to urgent treatment centres/walk-in centres, GPs, pharmacies and emergency dental services and, if needed, arrange a call from a healthcare professional.

The target audience for this campaign is all adults with a focus on young people (20-29) and parents of children aged 5-12 years. Locally I would also like to ensure that our ethnic minority communities, individuals with a learning disability, those with a visual or audio impairment, the homeless and our traveller communities have all been considered as well.

Whilst NHSEI will deliver the campaign across TV, video-on-demand services, out of home, paid search and social media, we will also support the messaging as a local system. To support the campaign we have uploaded some of the key resources into our dedicated 111 First Resource folder, including posters in some of our most common alternative languages spoken in Staffordshire and a video with subtitles for our BSL communities.

Please also be aware that NHSEI has now also made Easy Read and Large Print leaflets available to circulate with those appropriate members of your communities and networks as well.

Easy Read Leaflet: NHS111_EasyRead_Leaflet
Large Print Leaflet: NHS111_LargePrint_Leaflet

Other resources and social media assets can be found here.