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During the pandemic the NHS has had to change the way it delivers its full range of services. Some of those changes are here to stay and we know patients have mixed views.

Are online appointments with a doctor as effective as face-to-face consultations? 

Is some virtual NHS access a good and useful experience for patients?

Danny Flynn is the Chief Executive of a local charity. Speaking to us in a personal capacity, he shares his experience of a virtual NHS and explains why, for his family at least, it’s been a positive one. 

“We’ve seen the consultant more times through video-conferencing than we ever did for real.”

Virtual appointments are one way that demands on health services are being managed, and as Danny and his family find – it’s often as helpful for patients as it is for health professionals. “We feel more empowered online” says Danny, “they do ask if it’s all right or not.  They give you the choice, we go yep, online, brill. And it works. We’re happy!”