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National No Smoking Day: Wednesday 13th March 2024

The 40th anniversary of No Smoking Day, is Wednesday 13th March. 

It’s a time for us to unite and support to those on their journey to give up smoking.

Over 5.3 million adults in England still smoke, and smoking is biggest preventable cause of death in England. Up to two in three smokers will die as a result of long-term smoking.
Someone is admitted to hospital in England with a smoking-related disease every minute and in 2022-23, around 400,000 hospital admissions in England due to smoking and one in four hospital patients is a smoker.

Nearly 50 million cigarettes are smoked every day in England – around nine cigarettes a day per smoker.

But smoking rates have reduced considerably since the first year of No Smoking Day 40 years ago and this year’s No Smoking Day campaign aims to get that number down even more! 

Be part of the change and help build a smokefree generation.

People in Stoke-on-Trent can sign up for FREE support to help them kick the habit!