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It’s natural to feel shattered right now, these tips may boost your confidence again

anxious woman looks through window

It’s been a year like none other. It’s left many of us drained, and anxious about returning to the hustle and bustle of pre-pandemic life – the crowded social engagements and busy work spaces.

“For many of us, working from home has morphed into living at work. We’ve felt the boundaries between the two blur until we’re opening laptops from our beds, eating dinner at our desks, and our sofas are no longer a place we go to rest, but more of a pop-up office. We’ve not hung out in person with many of our friends and colleagues for, well, ages, instead learning to adapt to all sorts of virtual social cues,” writes Natasha Hinde in her article for HuffPost (link below).

Thankfully, there are simple steps we can all take to help ease our anxiety as lockdown eases and we experience the ‘new normal’. This article explores some self-help anxiety-busting techniques with psychologist and author Anna Mathur.

HuffPost 10/05/2021: How to get your confidence back if it’s shattered right now.