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The Health Creation Alliance

A research report by The Health Creation Alliance, supported by The Health Foundation, has looked at how the NHS adapted its working practices as the pandemic struck, working more closely with people and communities to continue service delivery.

“Connected communities that act and take control together are healthier communities,” writes the research report’s author, Neil McGregor-Paterson of The Health Creation Alliance.

The report summarises the ‘enabling attributes’ that have led to local successes in service delivery whilst under pressure from the pandemic, and which the NHS must take forward:

  • A clarity of focus on what needs to be delivered and why
  • Understanding the needs of people and communities
  • Having the community’s trust and confidence
  • An infrastructure to support co-ordination and skills deployment
  • Respect for and trust in established providers
  • Effective two-way communication

Our Community Health Champions project embraces these enabling attributes too, and is further developing relationships between Stoke-on-Trent communities and health service providers.

Read the full report by The Health Creation Alliance here: