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Hanley Walk-In Centre | Closing 24 June

Last year an extensive programme of engagement into the future of the Hanley Primary Care Access Hub (HPCAH), which you may be more familiar with as the Hanley walk-in centre, was held. This resulted in a decision being made to not re-commission the service as it duplicated services already provided elsewhere.

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee supported the decision with consideration to be given to providing a mobile homeless health service. In addition, consideration is being given to reinvesting the money saved in other primary care services.

The hub will close on 24 June 2022, and you are reassured that alternative services are already in place that better address your needs and it is not believed that anyone will be disadvantaged by the closure. The hub had no list meaning no patients are registered there.

People who have used the hub have alternative options which include:

  • appointments with their own GP
  • visiting for online advice
  • calling NHS 111 for advice
  • visiting their local community pharmacy team

Access to primary care services has improved significantly over recent years, which means that the services provided at HPACH are a duplication of those provided by other primary care services, which have been enhanced or newly introduced, with extended GP access hours and improvements to the NHS 111 and other services.

As stated, consideration is being given to reinvesting the savings into other primary care services, commencing with enhanced support for the homeless which are being considered by local clinicians.

Some of you may have found out about the closure by other means. This is unfortunate but has been caused by the decision to sell the leased building that houses the hub by auction.