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FREE HIV tests and support from Staffordshire Sexual Health Charity

Did you know that Staffordshire Sexual Health Charity offer free HIV tests?

Many people who have HIV do not know that they have it. Because of this, testing is a key way of diagnosing it, living a healthy live with it and stopping its spread.

To help prevent the spread of HIV, Staffordshire Sexual Health Charity are offering self-tests. These HIV tests are self-tests that people can undertake themselves, and they will give you a result in 15 minutes. You can order via the online form here, email or phone SSHC, or simply pop into their office and pick one up.

Further support is also available for anyone who has HIV related concerns or questions, or who is diagnosed. SSHC offer counselling, one-to-one support and drop-in sessions. They also host a ‘Brew Buddies’ HIV support group at their office every Wednesday afternoon at 1pm.

Find out more about all of their HIV related support here.

You can also find out more about HIV on the NHS site here.