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FREE Asthma Training

Do you come into contact with children and young people in your job?

If so, you can now access FREE training to improve your knowledge and help to support children and young people with asthma in the best way possible.

This training is NHS-approved, and is available for anyone who might come into contact with children and young people. Help make a difference for children and young people with asthma.

NHS England and NHS Improvement’s ambition is to reduce avoidable harm to children and young people with asthma and improve their quality of life. This will be achieved by taking a whole system approach to asthma management that includes addressing environmental triggers, a comprehensive education programme, promoting personalised care, effective preventative medicine, and improved accuracy of diagnosis.

NHS England and Improvement have been working with key stakeholders, including young people and their families, to develop a National Bundle of Care for Children and Young People with Asthma to support local systems with the management of asthma care. The programme sets out the blueprint of evidence-based interventions to help children, young people, families, and carers, to control and reduce the risk of asthma attacks and to prevent avoidable harm. The bundle outlines key standards in the care of CYP with asthma throughout every stage of the patient pathway.

A key element to ensure children and young people with asthma receive high standards of asthma care, is relevant training for professionals. One of the outputs of the training, education and competencies national working group has been the development of a capability framework.

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