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Understanding Epilepsy

If someone is having an epileptic seizure, remember "calm, cushion, call"

Around 1 in 100 people in the UK have epilepsy. This means  they can have seizures, causing short-term changes in behaviours, feelings, movements (such as sudden stiffening and jerking of the arms and legs), or a loss of awareness or changed awareness level.

The video below, which was made by the Epilepsy Society, helps raise awareness and improve the understanding of epilepsy. It features people with epilepsy chatting through their stories and experiences.

The video also raises the three most important words to remember when someone is having a seizure, “calm, cushion, call”:

  • Stay CALM and stay with the person who is having a seizure.
  • CUSHION their head with a coat or cardigan to stop them injuring themselves.
  • CALL an ambulance if the seizure does not stop after five minutes.


The film is 20 minutes long, so it would be perfect for sharing with colleagues at work through a ‘lunch ‘n learn’ session. Set aside a time and room with a screen, invite colleagues to bring along their lunch and just press play. Or share the video with the community through a community group or on social media.