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In the event of a flood, fire, power outage or other local emergency, could your organisation provide people who are evacuated a place to go?

Stoke-on-Trent City Council’s emergency planning team are looking to grow the capacity of existing community centres, welcoming spaces and community lounges to receive people evacuated or temporarily displaced by fire, floods or other emergency incidents in our city.

In a typical incident, police or the fire service would ask people to leave a property or premises for a period while it is made safe. For those with nowhere else to go, the Emergency Planning Team would like to link into nearby open venues so that people can have a rest in a warm space, charge their phones, have a hot drink if possible and receive a compassionate welcome for a short period.

Communications lines will be made available so that the council can support with evacuees’ needs, and if necessary send out welfare officers to the venue.

If you operate a community venue or welcoming space, the Emergency Planning Team would like to hear from you. Emergency Support Hub services will be offered within your venue’s usual operating hours, though If any venues are willing to consider additional out of hours (overnight) capacity as rest centres, the team would be interested to speak to you.

If you would like to register your venue as an emergency support hub, or if you have any questions for the emergency planning team, please contact [email protected]

Please see below for some FAQs:

What is an Emergency Support Hub?

Emergency Support Hubs are existing community centres, warm spaces or community lounges where people can get temporary support if they are evacuated due to an emergency.

Why might people need an Emergency Support Hub?

People may be unable to stay in their homes due to a flood, fire, power outage or other type of emergency.

What will people need after an emergency or evacuation?

A hot drink, facilities to charge their phones if needed, and a warm welcome in a location close to them.

How will these hubs link with council services?

Emergency Support Hubs will have contact details for the City Council’s support team. Welfare officers will be sent out to co-ordinate.

Who will run Emergency Support Hubs?

Existing staff can be used to receive people who have been temporarily evacuated.