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Community Pharmacy Services | When you don’t need to see a GP

With current pressure on GP services, people are reminded that Pharmacists are there to help you, dispensing not only your medicines but also giving health advice.

The Pharmacist can now deliver more and more services such as administering Flu Vaccinations and also prescribing medicines for minor ailments such as urinary tract infections and impetigo. You can talk to your Pharmacist about any of your concerns in a private and confidential environment, and many pharmacies have private consultation rooms.

Pharmacists are there to help with all your medicine and health queries and are committed to providing a high-quality professional service.

Services pharmacies can offer include:

  • Minor Ailments Advice to reduce waiting times in GP practices.
  • Service to provide treatment for Water Infections and Impetigo.
  • Emergency hormonal contraception.
  • Help if you run out of your prescription medication.
  • Supervising consumption of Methadone or Buprenorphine.
  • Lifestyle advice such as: Stop smoking advice; Weight management advice.
  • Some pharmacies may offer screening services (e.g., for diabetes, high blood pressure etc.).
  • Provide special medicines on prescription for the terminally ill. Across Stoke and Staffordshire certain pharmacies which are open longer hours have been selected to hold these medicines in stock to help those with prescriptions to access them.  You can find a list of these pharmacies by clickinghere
  • Service to treat ear, nose, throat and eyes plus infected insect bites and infected eczema is now available from some pharmacies across the county.

For a full list of general and specialist services offered by Pharmacies in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire, visit

You can also use this website to find your nearest pharmacy, and more information.