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Bird Flu Confirmed in the West Midlands | Some Do’s and Dont’s

With bird flu confirmed in a number of areas of the West Midlands it is important to know some simple do’s and dont’s for when you’re out and about. Whilst bird flu does not easily spreads to humans, it can be spread by close contact with an infected bird (dead or alive) which has led to a number of deaths around the world, and so caution is advised.

Most importantly, when you are out and about:

  • stick to the pathway
  • do not touch any dead or sick wild birds
  • do not feed wild waterfowl such as swans, geese or ducks
  • do not collect any feathers or twigs, particularly if they have droppings on

You can’t catch bird flu through eating fully cooked poultry or eggs, even in areas with an outbreak of bird flu.

If you do find any dead birds, of the types listed below, you should report this by calling DEFRA on 0345 335577 or online here.

  • 1 x bird of prey , including owls
  • 3x dead waterfowl such as swans, geese or ducks
  • 5x or more of any other bird species

Please note that this is not for reporting sick or injured birds, you can report sick or injured birds to the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.