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Awareness Sessions on Doorstep Crime and Call Blockers

It is estimated that scams and doorstep crime cause between £5 and £10 billion pounds of loss to UK consumers each year , these figures can be estimated as  only 10% of victims will ever report this type of crime. This can be for a number of reasons including, embarrassment, fear  of a loss of independence, not knowing who to report it to and often the victim does not realise they have been a victim of a crime.

Stoke-on-Trent Trading Standards has a wide range of criminal and civil enforcement powers to conduct investigations and deal with offenders, we are also able to offer support to prevent people becoming repeat victims , we are able intervene and recover money and prevent further monies being taken.  We are also able to offer advice and assistance to vulnerable consumers where a crime has not necessarily been committed. The biggest challenge we face due to low reporting rates is identifying victims of doorstep crimes and scams who are most risk. We are committed to  increase reporting rates by offering awareness seasons and training to those who work directly with groups who may be at most risk of scams and doorstep crime. We are also looking to carry out as many talks to community groups to raise awareness of doorstep crime and scams, this will help to raise awareness generally and hopefully increase reporting rates enabling our service to identify and deal with offenders and ensure that potential victims of scams and doorstep crime are better protected within the city.

If you would like us to arrange a training or awareness session, or you work with community groups who may be interested in us delivering a talk on doorstep crime and scams please contact Luke Soaper, [email protected], or Anthea Barber, [email protected], to enquire further.

Call Blockers

Stoke-on-Trent Trading Standards has secured funding for a limited number of call blockers which can be made available to vulnerable residents of the city who are targeted by scam and nuisance phones calls.

These units would be made available for loan free of charge for an initial period of six months. Scam and nuisance calls can affect people in many ways, these types of crimes often cause financial loss, emotional distress, social isolation and loss of confidence. A number of pilot projects were carried out by the National Trading Standards Scams Team and they found that the use of call blockers significantly increased wellbeing. It was estimated that the call blockers saved £20,227,167 during the pilot project.

If you are aware of anyone who would, please express an interest by emailing: [email protected]

Please provide the name, address and contact number of the person who is making the application.

Please note that there are only a limited number of call blockers available and these will be allocated on the basis of need after an assessment has been made.