World Suicide Prevention Day 2021

Friday 10th September 2021 is World Suicide Prevention Day.

We believe we can all play an active part in suicide prevention, which is why we’re sharing these resources from Samaritans. 

They’ve compiled a list of tips and resources to help us all remain hopeful during a difficult time.

Follow this link to find out more: #WSPD  

World Suicide Prevention Day 2021
What do you do to stay hopeful when you’re going through a difficult time?
keeping a gratitude journal
Keeping a gratitude journal can give you the opportunity to focus on the things you’re grateful for and can help improve your optimism. 
pause and reflect
Taking the time to pause and reflect may help you prioritise and manage your thoughts.
going for a walk with a friend
Simply going on a walk with a friend could help bring hope during a difficult time.

You may see a lot of difficult content this #WSPD. Remember, Samaritans are open 24/7 for emotional support if you need to talk. 

You can call them any time, day or night, on 116 123, or email [email protected]

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