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‘When Am I Going Home?’ | Preparing to Leave Hospital

Posted on behalf of NHS England and NHS Improvement:

A new NHS campaign aims to help patients prepare for leaving the hospital, by prompting them and their families to ask questions of staff. With answers to those questions, the necessary preparations for recovery at home, or a suitable care location, can be made more manageable.

The campaign is based on four questions:

  1. What is wrong with me?
  2. What is going to happen next?
  3. What can I do to help myself get better?
  4. When am I likely to go home?

Some patients don’t feel like they can get involved in important decisions around their care, and they sometimes end up spending more time in hospital than they need to. So, we should be empowering patients and their families to be more involved in their recovery plan, to ask
questions, and work together with staff to get home sooner.

With the right information, advice, and support we’re helping patients take on a more active role from the start, so when the time comes to be discharged, they’ll feel prepared to leave and finish their recovery at home.

The resources have been created mainly for NHS settings to use but as Community Health Champions we still want to be encouraging our communities to ask the questions they want the answers to. And that IT’S OK TO ASK.

Have a look at the social media images here: When Am I Going Home images
You can download the leaflets here: Whan Am I Going Home leaflets