Staffs & Stoke-on-Trent Vaccination Programme Update 10/Sept/2021

Although there is no confirmation yet on the COVID-19 booster programme, we’re expecting a government announcement soon and anticipating a roll-out during the latter half of this month. We are ready to mobilise, thanks to everyone’s efforts behind the scenes.

The flu vaccine season is also getting underway and we’re encouraging everyone who is eligible, to ensure they get their flu jab as soon as it is offered. We know that there’s currently a national delay to the supply of flu vaccines, due to distribution issues nationally. This is of course, out of the control of the GP practices, who are working closely with their suppliers to ensure appointments are scheduled in line with supply. GPs are contacting all eligible patients as soon as they can to ensure that everyone gets their flu jab. You can also continue getting in touch with your GP or community pharmacy to arrange your flu appointment. We would like to thank everyone for their patience at this busy time. 

We continue to work with our care homes who are facing an 11 November deadline to have all staff and contract workers double vaccinated. To meet this, first doses need to be given by 16 September. We know our system is under significant pressure at the moment, and this could get worse in November if there is a shortage of care home workers. We’re in a strong position locally that the vast majority of our care home workers have now had their vaccine. However, those last few percent will make all the difference this winter. Our local authorities are doing a huge amount of work to support care homes and reduce any remaining hesitancy.  Remember, this applies not only to staff and volunteers working in care homes but also to visiting contractors whether tradesmen, activity coordinators, doctor or pharmacists. 

You’ll see that we’ve added a new segment to the bulletin. ‘This week you’ve asked us about…’ will appear in each issue and will feature one of the many questions we are asked about vaccines. We hope you find this a useful and informative addition. 


Neil Carr                                                                   Paddy Hannigan

Senior Responsible Officer                                      Clinical Lead
COVID-19 vaccination programme                          COVID-19 vaccination Programme
This week you’ve asked us about …
Third and booster COVID-19 vaccine doses – are they the same?
Third and booster COVID-19 doses are different to us.
When we refer to the booster dose, we mean the one we would give after the first two primary doses to ‘boost’ immunity that may have started reducing months after the second vaccine dose. This applies to most of the population who get double vaccinated. Although it is a ‘third’ dose, its role is to increase immunity up to the higher levels it would have been closer to when the first two vaccination doses had been administered. We are expecting a government announcement later this month, about how and to whom this will be rolled out. 
third vaccine dose (newly approved) is the one that we will give to people aged 12 and over who have severely weakened immune systems. This group will also have had their first two COVID-19 doses but research tells us around 40% of people who are immunsosuppressed get pnly a low antibody response despite being double vaccinated. For this reason, we will administer a third dose to help their immunity reach the same levels as most people get after two doses to help them get the same level of protection as the rest of the population. All three jabs are part of this group’s primary doses. 
Maternity myth-busting campaign launches
With an increasing number of pregnant women being admitted to hospital with COVID-19, and around 98% of them unvaccinated, this week we’ve gone live with a social media campaign designed to dispel myths around and encourage vaccinations in maternity patients.

A toolkit with a range of resources, is on its way. We’ll share this with you shortly.
Walk-in Clinics
Whether you are getting your first or second COVID-19 vaccine, search by postcode for the details of your nearest on the national Grab-a-jab clinics. An overview of local walk-in clinics is here.

Walk-in clinics this week:
  • Stafford
  • Stoke-on-Trent
  • Tamworth
  • Uttoxeter
Weekday and weekend slots are available, as well as opening hours for workers unable to get to a clinic during the day. These are in addition to the existing network of clinics offered through GPs, our large vaccination centres and community pharmacies.

Maternity updates to easy-read leaflets

The UK Health Security Agency has updated easy-read guides on COVID-19 and vaccination to include new information for women who might get pregnant, who are pregnant or are breastfeeding their baby. You will find the revised leaflet here.

COVID Pass Scam

The scam text below is circulating right now, offering people the chance to apply for an NHS COVID pass. Please do help to make everyone you know aware that the only way to qualify for a COVID pass is through the NHS App.
                            image of scam

Webinar on living with COVID-19

A webinar on winter preparedness and the flu vaccine roll-out is taking place from 2.30pm-4.00pm on Tuesday 14 September.

The Local Government Association is hosting the webinar and will be exploring the potential necessity of booster COVID-19 jabs, as well as the scale of under-vaccinated groups.

Council leaders, councillors, directors of public health and chief executives, are all recommended to attend and can sign up here.

JCVI decides on COVID-19 vaccinations
for healthy 12-15 year olds

The JCVI decided on 3 September, not to approve COVID-19 vaccination for healthy 12-15 year olds.

The committee considers that currently, the health benefits from vaccination are marginally greater than the potential known harms and that the margin of benefit is too small to support vaccination of healthy 12- to 15-year-olds. Read in full.

Health ministers of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have now written to the four chief medical officers asking them to begin the process of assessing the broader impact of COVID-19 vaccination for healthy young people aged 12 to 15. Read in full.

Newly eligible COVID vaccination groups

Anyone over the age of 12 who is severely immunosuppressed is now approved by the JCVI to get a third COVID-19 vaccine dose. Read in full.

People in this group should wait to be invited for vaccination by their GPs and should not contact their GPs.


Reminder – winter vaccination collateral:

The tables below show local verified statistics giving a breakdown of how many vaccinations have been given and to what cohort.

We have now given a total of 1,596,534 doses, which is 835,002 first doses and 761,532 second doses. 

Thanks to everyone’s hard work across the system, we have now vaccinated:
  • 96.7% of over 80s
  • 100% of the 75-79s
  • 97.1% of the 70-74s
  • 95.3% of the 65-69s
  • 100% of the 60-64s
  • 98.5% of the 55-59s
  • 94.6% of the 50-54s
  • 85.8% of the 45-49s
  • 93.2% of the 40-44s
  • 88.5% of the 35-39s
  • 84.8% of the 30-34s
  • 71.7% of the 25-29s
  • 73.1% of the 18-24s 
with at least one dose.

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