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Government updates its guidance to health professionals working with migrants

The Government has updated its guidance to healthcare professionals and others working with migrants to England.

The update includes a new video, explaining entitlements to NHS services for migrants in England.

From Gov.UK website:

Many migrants will come from countries with very different health care systems to the UK. This guide can help to:

  • explain to new patients how the NHS operates
  • explore with them how this compares to the healthcare system that they’ve been used to

This guidance is about NHS entitlements in England.

There is more information about the entitlements of particular groups visiting or moving to England on the NHS website.

NHS entitlements animated video

The entitlements to NHS services for migrants in England animation consists of 6 short sections:

  1. Introduction to entitlements for migrants
  2. Karman’s story (case study provided by Doctors of the World UK)
  3. NHS entitlements to primary care in England
  4. NHS entitlements to secondary care in England
  5. Dental treatment for migrants in England
  6. Assessing new patients from overseas

This animation was produced with the support of Doctors of the World UK. Further resources to help healthcare professionals to support migrants’ health can be found in their Safe Surgeries Toolkit.

Visit the immunisations page of the migrant health guide, which includes an animated video about vaccinations for migrants.

See the GP services section below to learn more about GP registration for migrants.