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Make it Happen Funding Round 2!


The city council has some funding available to support Community Health Champions to identify and develop a small number of projects aimed at improving health and wellbeing and increasing uptake of prevention services – particularly among under-represented or disadvantaged groups.  


The following health improvement priorities have been identified from the recent Community Inquiry:  

Improving mental health by:  

  • Reducing the impact of social isolation and loneliness. 
  • Improving access to mental health support.  
  • Building a sense of community.  
  • Promoting social and community activities in the local area. 

Improving access to health advice and information by:  

  • Supporting development of digital skills.  
  • Enabling delivery of services in localities.  
  • Promoting available services.  

Improving physical health by:  

  • Improving access to exercise.  
  • Supporting access to affordable healthy food. 

Projects should be able to demonstrate how they will target activity related to these priorities with clear and measurable outcomes.  

Priority will be given to projects which are targeted at Blurton, Abbey Hulton, Chell Heath or Bentilee as areas highlighted within the Community Inquiry, however projects in other areas will be considered where the need can be evidenced.   


Applications are welcome from anyone who is already an identified and engaged Community Health Champion as part of the Community Health Champions programme supported by VAST. Applications up to £2,000 can be made on behalf of an individual organisation engaged in the project or a partnership of Champions can apply for us to £5,000.  

Applications should be made using the Project Outline form by midday on 10th April 2023. Forms should be submitted to [email protected]. Applications made after the deadline or not submitted via email cannot be accepted.  


  • The lead applicant is a Champion engaged in the Community Health Champion project delivered by VAST.  
  • The project can be delivered by end June 2023   
  • The project supports delivery of one or more of the priorities.  
  • The project is delivered to residents of Stoke-on-Trent.  
  • Funding is for new projects and cannot be used to maintain existing services / projects.  


All applications will be assessed against the criteria set out below. The assessment will be completed by representatives from the city council.  

The assessment criteria for all applications is set out below:  

Criteria   Priority   Total points  
Priority: The project is clearly aligned to meeting one or more of the identified priorities and the anticipated outcomes are clear.   High   15 
Approach: The rationale for the chosen approach is clearly articulated.   Medium   10 
Community: The target community is clearly identified and the needs of the community are evidenced.   High  15 
Partnership: The project recognises the value of partnership work and aims to bring together key partners to support delivery.   Medium   10 
Cost: The outline costs for the project are clearly set out.   Low  5 
Delivery: An outline project plan is provided within the application with relevant milestones that demonstrate how the project will be delivered in timescale.    Medium   10 
Total   65 

Grant Agreement  

All project leads will be required to sign a Grant Agreement setting out the terms of the spend and payment schedule.  

There is no requirement for the applicant to be part of a constituted group, have a group Bank Account or formal set up as VAST can act as support for managing the grant in these cases.  For further information on this option please contact [email protected].   

Monitoring and Evaluation  

There will be an external evaluation of all funded projects undertaken by an independent third party to include the production of a short formal report and the publication of the outcomes in an alternative format (for example a short video clip, visual minutes or graphic).  The purpose of the evaluation is to inform future service design, but also to encourage other community groups or individuals to get involved in local projects.  

The city council and VAST will commission a suitable agency to undertake the evaluation. All funded projects will be required to participate fully in the evaluation.  


Download the application form here.