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“Make it Happen” Funding FAQ

Following the information session hosted this Monday, we have put together some answers to your FAQ about “Make it Happen” funding, please see below.

Q: If I apply for the new CHC grant can I apply for the Make it Happen funding?
A: Yes! You are still eligible to apply

Q: Do I need to be signed up as a Community Health Champion to be eligible to apply?
A: Yes, this fund is open to all who are registered as a Community Health Champion

Q: How do I find other champions to partner with?
A: We encourage collaboration between champions and champion organisations for this project. If you are interested in this, fill in this form with your area of interest and ideas, and we will help identify fellow champions for you to work with.

Q: Does this need to be an entirely new project, or can the fund be used to expand an existing project?
A: Either!

Q: When is the closing date for the grant application?
A: Thursday 10th November 2022

Q: When will I hear if my application is successful?
A: The intention is to make swift decisions so you can get started on your projects, expect to be notified by Monday 14th November.

If you have any other questions about the funding please email us at [email protected]

or Christina Harrison from Stoke-on-Trent City Council: [email protected]

Find more information here, and access the application form.