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“It’s not called getting old, it’s called getting ill” | Alzheimer’s Society

Posted on behalf of Alzheimer’s Society

“Asking the same question over and over again – it’s not called getting old, it’s called getting ill”

If you or a loved one is experiencing memory loss, it could be a sign of dementia. Research shows that the misconception around memory loss being a sign of normal ageing is the biggest barrier to people seeking a dementia diagnosis.

With diagnosis rates falling to a five-year low,  those who might be living with undiagnosed dementia are encouraged to seek guidance and support from Alzheimer’s Society. Getting a diagnosis can be daunting, but 91% of people affected by dementia believe it’s better to know.

Early signs and symptoms of dementia include:

  • memory loss – for example, problems recalling things that happened recently
  • difficulty concentrating, planning or organising – for example, struggling to make decisions, solve problems or follow a series of steps (such as cooking a meal)
  • problems with language and communication – for example, difficulties following a conversation or finding the right word for something
  • misunderstanding what is being seen – for example, problems judging distances (such as on stairs) or perceiving the edges of objects, and misinterpreting patterns or reflections
  • being confused about time or place – for example, losing track of the time or date, or becoming confused about where they are
  • mood changes or difficulty controlling emotions – for example, becoming unusually anxious, irritable, sad or frightened, losing interest in things and personality changes.

For more information, a number of factsheets are available here.