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Great Winter Get Togethers | All the Small Things

All the Small Things CIC are hosting two online Great Winter Get Togethers for anyone who would like a Place to Connect and for any reason prefers to meet online.

The first of these is next Friday the 20th January from 7.30-8.30pm to share some light in the dark.

This is a great opportunity for more social connection, and to make time to pause, breathe and focus on positive thoughts. Some informal and creative mindful tools and some music will be shared with you, following the Five Ways to Wellbeing. To support the theme you are invited to bring a lamp, candle, fairy lights, torch, night light, or a picture of a light.
Closed Captions will be available. Book your free place here on Eventbrite here.

The second event will he held on Thursday 26th January 11am to 12.30pm, to share street wisdom and wellbeing at home

“let’s share an experience of noticing and learning from the world around us, wherever we are.”

As part of this session you are invited to take part in a Street Wisdom Walk, which you may want to experience outdoors. If you go outside you might want to use your phone and have headphones ready, but you can also stay sitting indoors.Book your free place on Eventbrite here.

Find out more about Street Wisdom here