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‘Easypeasy’ App for Parents and Carers!

EasyPeasy is a personalised parenting app that provides tailored tips and activity ideas for you and your child aged 0 to 5.

The new ‘EasyPeasy’ app is now live! It is completely free to download and use for families in Stoke -on- Trent.

Families can enjoy two years of free access where they can receive helpful tips and support on aspects of parenting, early language and the home learning environment.

The app is extremely user friendly and has support built in, making it easy for parents to access and use. It also has many big name collaborators, including Lego, NCT and Save the Children.

App developers would be fantastic to have some local collaborators on the app to make it feel more ‘Stoke’ – nurseries, local charities, organisations and health partners are all very welcome to participate.