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Dental and Eye Care | A survey by the Epilepsy Society

Do you or someone you know have epilepsy? Have you or they experienced damage to teeth or glasses due to seizures or medication? The Epilepsy Society are looking for your feedback and experiences.

Seizures can cause both repeated injuries to teeth and damage to glasses.

And, in many cases, people with epilepsy have to bear the cost of repairs and treatment. Not only can teeth be broken, chipped and ground down during a seizure, but some medications also cause damage to teeth and gums. And for many people, the costly dental repair bills mean they end up living with damaged teeth as they can’t afford the treatment. People with uncontrolled seizures also often end up breaking their glasses during a seizure and then face repeated bills to repair them.

The Epilepsy Society want to understand how widespread this issue is, and so, are asking for you to share your feedback and experiences here.
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