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Introduction from Neil Carr and Paddy Hannigan

Phase three is well underway, with more people each week having their booster vaccine. However, we’ve heard that there is some confusion around third doses versus the booster vaccine. Our simple guide to this is:

If you are immunosuppressed, you will be invited for a third dose now and are being contacted by your GP
If you are aged 50+, in at risk group (aged 16+) or a frontline health and social care worker you will be eligible for a booster dose six months after your second vaccine. This means that if you had your second dose in April 2021, you are now eligible for the booster and will be invited by your GP. If it has been six months since your last dose, you can visit the national booking system, phone 119, or wait till you are invited by your GP.
With COVID cases rising, we’re rapidly rolling out both the third dose and booster vaccines, and we encourage people to take up their invite as soon as possible.

School immunisations continue for both flu and COVID-19 vaccines. You may have read in the media about the challenges nationally, as we roll out this latest phase. There’s a lot of logistics involved, in particular for this younger cohort, and similar to other phases we will see pace and momentum continuing to build over the coming weeks.

We will be continuing to provide advice and support to schools and parents to help answer their questions. We would like to thank everyone for their patience and rest assured our schools immunisation team is on the case.

We are also adamant that no one gets left behind. One of our main priorities is maternity, as we would like to see vaccine uptake increase for this group. Nationally, we know that there are pregnant women seriously ill in our critical care units. Catching COVID-19 can harm you and your baby, which is why it is so important to get the vaccine now. The vaccine is tried and tested and there is a lot of evidence out there. If you have questions about the vaccine, please speak to your midwife or GP to get the facts. We have been working hard with midwives and our networks to encourage more pregnant women to come forward for the vaccine and stay safe.

We now feel that the time is right to move these bulletins to fortnightly, which we will keep under review. If there is something urgent in the interim, we will let you know through an update.

Thank you for continuously reading these bulletins, we hope you still find them useful.

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