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Community Conversations | Have your voice heard!

When it comes to hearing about health research, most people will just switch off, but it’s not just health professionals that make a difference. It’s the people who need and use health services that can make the biggest difference; listening to their experiences and what they think is the best way to help them and their families is how things get better.

But how can researchers reach the people they need to talk to? What’s stopping them talking to people in harder to reach communities?

That’s where we need your help.

Keele University want to know how they can talk to more people when doing their research, who are the people they might find it harder to reach and why? What barriers are there? How can they be broken down? This is your chance to help your community’s voice be heard!

As a Community Health Champion, you know your community better than anyone. You’re the best person to help in these ‘Community Conversations’. Your insight into the local community is highly valued and essential to help break down the barriers that researchers face when engaging with communities.

Keele University want to know your thoughts on how to reach people in your community to help improve health and wellbeing, develop local partnerships and to benefit general overall health.

These ‘Community Conversations’ are to be led by you and your opinions, but you might like to think about the barriers you face as well as your community.

Together with Keele University, we’re hosting the first Community Conversation on 18th April from 10:00 – 11:30 am. You’ll be able to share how you engage with your community and advise researchers on how they can break down any barriers. Your thoughts and opinions will help shape the bigger community conversation that will follow in May.

Let’s work together to remove barriers and talk about what is important to you and your community!

You can book onto either of these events here.

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