‘Clean Air Day’ 2022 – A breath of fresh air! 16 June

‘Clean Air Day’ 2022 – A breath of fresh air!

Air pollution dirties every organ in the body. It is the biggest environmental threat to our health, no matter who you are or where you live. Air pollution can harm every organ in your body and can shorten our lives, contribute towards chronic illness and put us more at risk from COVID-19.

This Clean Air Day there are simple steps we can all take to cut down on the air pollution we cause and use our voices to fight for a cleaner air future.

  • Talk to someone about the harms of air pollution.
  • Walk those short distance trips and leave the car at home, where you can.
  • Ask local and national decision makers for what would make it easier for you to walk more and have clean air in your community.
  • Visit cleanairday.org.uk or search #CleanAirDay

Take steps to improve your health and the planet, here is some of the support available locally:

CO2 Monitor Loan Scheme

Now might also be a good time to think about whether there’s good ventilation and fresh air flow in enclosed areas of your workplace. Good ventilation can reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, and other respiratory infections like flu.

The Health and Safety Executive also highlight that good ventilation is associated with:

  • Improved health
  • Better concentration
  • Lower rates of absence from work
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Reduced exposure to a wide range of air pollutants

If you want to assess the ventilation in your workplace, why not borrow a CO2 Monitor for free?

Find out more and request a monitor here

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