Celebrate Holi safely and get vaccinated ahead of celebrations

Holi is a significant Hindu festival that takes place annually to celebrate the arrival of spring. This year, Holi is set to take place on Friday 18 March.

Holi is also known as ‘the festival of colours’ due to the bright coloured perfumed powder known as gulal, which is thrown by friends and family at each other on the second day of the two-day festival.

Traditionally, Holi is a time when people come together in large groups to spread happiness and love. However, while winter may be ending, COVID-19 hasn’t gone away, and meeting in large groups provides the ideal opportunity for the virus to spread.

It is therefore important for those planning to celebrate Holi this year to take precautions against the virus to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

Please share these social media images to encourage people to get vaccinated from COVID-19 in preparation for Holi.

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