Adult Better Health Webinar | Obesity and Quit Smoking Campaigns

On behalf of Public Health England 

Public Health England are delighted to announce the launch of two adult Better Health campaigns for the new year, focusing on adult obesity and quitting smoking

Better Health Adult Obesity
Launching on 4 January, this campaign will motivate and support adults to achieve a healthy weight, eat more healthily and increase their physical activity. The campaign will signpost people to a range of support tools on the Better Health website, including the NHS weight loss plan app.

Better Health Quit Smoking
Set to launch on 28 December, this campaign encourages smokers to make a quit attempt by focussing on the benefits of quitting and the support available to help them stay quit.

Find out more
A webinar is now available on the campaign resource centre which explores these campaigns in detail and presents the range of materials and tools that will be on offer to help you support them. We recognise that it’s a busy time for partners across the system, but we hope you will be able to support these campaigns locally and help make a positive impact on our nation’s health and wellbeing.

To access the resources, click here 

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